I feel hope and faith.

Don't ask me why, I won't be able to give you any reasonable answers.

I look around and I see : things going the wrong way, (many) people making the wrong choices, for the second time, for the third, for the fourth... past becoming future, duplicating and repeating itself, nightmares turned to reality, defeats, painful losses.

A sample of superficial wisdom : most of us don't learn from mistakes. We just repeat them over and over and over again, convinced and convincing ourselves and each other it was the right thing in the first place. We are a bit too lazy to improve ourselves. This is what I see now as I take a look around me. Wish I was wrong.

Nothing seems to get better. And yet, somehow, it is my belief that most of the wrong things we do to each other, the least important ones, don't leave tracks behind, while - true - the most important do.

I try to take this in a positive manner : if I harm somebody badly, I still have the chance to redeem myself. It is hard, but it can be done. I had strong ties with most people I - intentionally or unintentionally, whatever, doesn't even matter - hurt. This hardiness - of me trying to make it up to someone - is what tied us together in the first place. It is what makes people become important to each other, I guess.

When we live together, we hurt one another, it cannot be otherwise. And, in that moment, we have to choose between running away, or getting closer.

You know what ? Don't ask too much logic to the post above. It's not meant to be logical.

With love,


Anonymous said...

"When we live together, we hurt one another, it cannot be otherwise. And, in that moment, we have to choose between running away, or getting closer."

Only love can be hurt, when someone's pride is harmed this is an act of justice that should lead the bearer (of that pride) question himself and start a quarrel with himself.
When love is hurt, that would inevitably lead the "victim" to quarrel with God, not without risks, of course.

str53 said...

@Anonymous : thank you for your comment.

you know, it is my belief that, when you live together with someone, hurt comes up anyway. what I mean is that, even if you live with someone you love, differences appear in time. along with them, pain. I think this is only natural, because we have limits.

you can do your best to get to accept someone who lives next to you, if you care about her / him. I still believe this is hard sometimes, and I believe that, in these moments, hurt makes its way.

to be honest, I didn't have in mind too much about love or pride, when I wrote the post. I was thinking about proximity and intimacy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering to Anonymous, who found nothing better to do the day when he/she posted the comment + the comment about politics...
Of course, everybody has something in mind, we know by now what is the truth (and what is the truth?) and how many faces can the the "right thing to do" embrace sometimes. Yet there is always one right thing to do in priority in every circumstance. That's why we communicate, to find that one. Harm would be in many cases avoid by sincere communication.
Anonymous doesn't want to monopolise the comments of your blog or to make a habit from posting a comment to each and every post, he/she doesn't want to disturb/embarrass in any way the blogger by his/hers anonymity.

With love,

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