Bucharest in photos

Taken last July.

Kindle your mind,

PS. I try to understand why I chose to come back to blogging. And the only answer I got so far is that I need to rely onto something, as relying onto someone seems to be out of the question for me, now. I don't know how much this is going to take as I don't trust myself any more than I did last September, when I gave up blogging because I did not trust myself anymore. Pitiful, shameful - but this is it, the thought of someone so alone now as he always actually was:

I just think that tomorrow might be the end, and in such a case - the case of a hypothetical life-ending tomorrow, I would be sorry for wasting the hypothetical today.

With love,


Romania in photos

Graffiti on a house in the heart of Sibiu.

Kindle your mind,



Romania in photos

Picture taken near Toplita, in Transylvania, last Saturday, as I was coming back home to Bucharest.

Kindle your mind.

With love,



Words cannot express what I feel as I try to pull out these next few lines. A woman I deeply loved once, now a close and cherished friend, passed away a few days ago. She was only 31. I am shocked and stoned. I could never, never imagine this would be how we get to say goodbye.

My heart is broken. I still cannot believe this is happening.

As I watch the sun go down, watching the world fade away,
All I want to do is kiss you once goodbye.

Farewell, Michaela. Farewell, my friend.