On the Oslo events

You know, this summer I intended to visit Norway. I still do, and even more now. It's not going to realize this year, but it is a personal project I cherish. I deeply admire that country and I wish Romania was more like it. On a really personal note, I like it when Romanian and Norwegian handball teams meet.

What happened there on Friday punched me just like a fist thrown straight up to my face. Some lonely right extremist killed about one hundred people. I sort of feel embarrassed for that, I am a rightist myself, but not an extremist and I am not gonna kill anybody because of my political views. You cannot create life, than why take it from others? This, I cannot understand and accept. This is illogical, and bad. As far as I can explain, and as far as I understand, the inspiration for these acts came from the Unabomber.

My deepest condolences to Norway and its people. It is a shame that things like this may occur.

For more info in English about current events in Norway, you can go to www.newsinenglish.no



It is over.

My heart is broken.

I do not know when I will start posting again. It will definitely happen sometimes, the sooner the better.

I need a long break, to set things straight, inside.

With love,

PS. Oh, and a song to go with my state.