Madrid in photos

Art exhibit in the Reina Sofia Art Center.

I dedicate it to all of us, normal people, working on a daily basis on a typewriter or a computer. Personally, I spend 8 hours a day doing that, occasionally more, and a typewriter going by itself (like the one in the picture), sets my computer operator day-to-day condition in a certain perspective. Somehow, it makes me think of the movie The Apartment.

PS. I took quite a few inspiring pictures, in my view, at the Reina Sofia museum (I am grateful for that). I would've done just the same in Prado and Thyssen, if taking pictures would have been allowed there. On the other hand, if you look for contemporary art in Madrid, this center is the place to be. It gives you the headache (in a good way) if you stay there more than an hour. There is a lot of information to process.

Viva Madrid.

Kindle your mind,


Madrid in photos

Showbizz. Seen by an artist, at Reina Sofia Art Center. I was shocked when I saw first this exhibit, but I got to say I agree with it. Makes you think, doesn't it ?

Kindle your mind,



24 hours from now I'll be on the plane to Madrid. I don't have expectations, I just hope everything will be fine. I think I'll be back in Bucharest before the end of the month. It is for the first time that I go to Spain.

I promise pictures and impressions.

I am so tired, I really need a break away from everything.

With love,