I am lurking around, my friends. More or less, but around.

My deep personal problem, though, is that I feel empty and de-motivated. And very tired. It is personal. And real.

I have tons of very good pictures of my city - Bucharest -, pictures taken for months now, but I just do not get to see them published.

I guess I'll write more, about things going through my head, rather than publishing photos. I feel the need to exorcise myself. or to confess - whichever you prefer, it is the same.

And I thought of a more personal project: I would like to show you Bucharest as I got to know him as a child,  when I got to spend my summer vacations here. You see, I was a normal Romanian child, but instead of spending my summer holidays in the countryside, I would usually get to spend a few months a year in Bucharest, at my granny's. Some of the pictures - as much as possible - will be vintage. Some will be 2011, as a sort of remembrance of the Bucharest I got in touch to back then.

PS. The fact that one of my grandfathers was Bucharestian makes me a honest to God Bucharestian :) ? Just kidding.