Bucharest in photos

Intermezzo. G'n'R in concert, last Sunday.

Pictures from current protests coming right up.

Kindle your mind,


week'toriAl. X day

Today seems to be the X day. That is, the day when the government tries to take, by whatever means necessary, including the full range of illegal means, a full control of the state. If they make it, the very next step will be attacking the freedom of speech, and I believe that will also include the internet this time. I remember the good old times of the Nastase era...

I saw that coming, the question is what should be done now. There is no place for fear anymore. I guess the plain answer to my question is: back on the street. The situation of democracy in my country is not worsening every day - like it happened the past few weeks - not anymore. It is worsening every hour, now. I cannot stand this outrage.

What happens now is very, very serious and does not look good at all. We are going back to 1990 and 1991. That is, we are going back to a kind of situation which may require sacrifices.

Keep an eye on this place. I'll carry the camera with me permanently from now on. And keep your fingers crossed for our democracy, or for whatever is left out of it.

Kindle your mind,