A very short announcement.

As my laptop is in service, again, posting will be less regular for a while. For a while - meaning until the beginning of March. I think. I hope.

It turns out I cannot blog from another computer than my own. A really nice form of dependency...


Religion and pop. Why not?

It is a mix that you can consider improper in the best case, blasphemous in the worst. Generally people tend to see a connection, say, between religion and choral music, or maybe between religion and classical music, but they also tend to think that modern music is not like classical music and that the name of the Lord should not be used in compositions which use sets of drums. I might be wrong, this is just what I noticed so far.

Then, if I'm right, I do not agree. Music is a form of cultural expression, religion is a set of beliefs which can be expressed in various ways. And while I do indeed tend to think that some forms of pop music are incompatible with the expression of religion and that music for service purposes should stay as it is now, I also believe there is no inner incompatibility between religion and pop.

And I bring three examples of songs that, in my view, prove my point. For diversity, one in French, the next in English and the last in Romanian.

Feedback would be appreciated :)



I guess I have an idea, now, about why/how people chose the acting profession:

- some of them had talent, they were good/ very good at it. Some were geniuses.
- some had the proper connections with the profession. And maybe a part of these guys were also good.
- the rest, I guess, became actors because they wanted to hide themselves of themselves. Or maybe, they wanted to forget their own past and identity.

If these were true, then I believe there is a future for theater and cinema, even against the technological advance.


Postmodern love - descriptum42

Je ne veux pas que tu m'epouses pour me faire plaisir. Je veux que tu m'epouses parce que tu me veux, parce que tu veux que je partage tout avec toi : tes pensees, tes espoirs, ton amour, tes soucis, pas rien que ton corps. Tu ne comprends pas? Je veux que tu aies besoin de moi.

A bit of Jacqueline Susann, in French. It made me think.