I'm tired, and I had some very - and I mean, very - unpleasant days this week.

I lost a friend, or someone I considered to be a friend. I lost a good deal of hope. I feel I need a break. I want to get to Transylvania again.

I'm trying to push things forward, but it is so difficult to overcome the inertia. Including, to overcome my own mental inertia.

On the surface, though, things are OK. It's just that my beliefs in a quick change of the country I love are simply vanishing.

I spent more time, these days, with one black friend - he is originally from Congo - and I was scared to see, in different situations, how the surrounding Bucharest society treats him every day.

On the good side, I got some very nice new pictures about the town, so stay close.

I give you something to go with my present sadness. Don't get scared, though, by the fact that the band playing this is Bananarama (there was I time when I loved them, as a teenager). The song is really nice and I still listen to it very often.

With love,

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