Bucharest in photos

Pub with a good location.

There are a few of these in all the major parks of  Bucharest: the Carol I Park, the Cişmigiu Gardens, Alexandru Ioan Cuza park, or - most of all - Herăstrău.

Generally, I like pubs and the idea of people getting together.


Rob and Mandy said...

My kind of places!

stranum53 said...

@Rob and Mandy:

thank you for your comment!

I also like to spend some time in places like this one, especially when I need silence and if I want to read. I discovered water has this influence on me.

If you would live in Bucharest, I would recommend you to frequent some of the pubs in the Herăstrău park, for the simple reason that is has the nicest view and, depending on the hour, more silence than in the other similar places.

Unfortunately, I never had the idea, so far, to take pictures there.