Romania in photos

New footwear fashion - Vama Veche style.

Nothing more pleasant than walking barefoot in the hot sand. I believe it was also a liberating experience.

This picture goes to the one I love.

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Vama veche

The angle is not the best :), but the waves are truly awesome.

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Singing in the rain

The best moment at the Artmania festival, this year, was the beginning of the final act of the festival, when the legendary Lacrymosa held their act during a storm with heavy rain and violent thunders. A few hundreds of fans assisted on that Saturday night to what has been, in my perception, perhaps the most truthful rock concert I ever listened to.

It's hard to beat the atmosphere of a concert with special effects provided by nature itself.

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Romania in photos

Sibiu again - ready to rock at Artmania Festival.

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Romania in photos

This picture was taken in the beautiful city of Sibiu, during my latest holidays.

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PS. This isn't perhaps of a great general interest, but this particular post is the 500th of this blog, so a little personal celebration is in order :)

This blog had its good times, as well as its bad times; however I believe, I hope that, as things got to go on this far for almost 6 years and 500 posts, they will get on for another similar aeon. I just hope.

With love.