Bucharest in photos

The Romanian Athenee.

This place is a jewel. Built in 1888, it is the symbol of the new Romanian cultural identity (Romania had become independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1877).

It is also the place with the best acoustics in town, so the most suitable place if somebody wants to listen to classical music. The Philharmonic Orchestra - which has its residence in the Athenee - is, perhaps, the best in town, and in the country. Even if the tickets are very expensive, according to Romanian standards, the hall is usually packed.

Not important, but still: last time I've been to the Athenee, I listened to a very nice Daphnis and Chloe, composed by Maurice Ravel and conducted by a French conductor. It was tops.


Regina K said...

Great photo and interesting about the accoustics, would love to hear classical music here.

Hilda said...

Beautiful photo of a magnificent building!

stranum53 said...

@Regina K:

the concert hall is round, and it does not require generally a sound system during concerts.

if you ever come to Bucharest, you could listen to a concert there. I especially recommend you the Enescu Festival, which takes place in Bucharest every two years - the next edition will be one year from now. and I guess some of the concerts are broadcasted by the National Radio Society.

@Hilda: thank you very much. the building is indeed magnificent.