Bucharest in photos

Piaţa Victoriei, with two of the tallest buildings in Bucharest.

You have to know that Bucharest does not have a tradition of edifying skyscrapers. Anything with more than 10 floors is unusual here. I suppose, that has 2 main reasons: the lack of proper funding and the possibility of earthquakes.

On the other hand, it is a mystery to me why the local authorities allow such buildings to be erected in the very center of the city. For each building like this, a few old and sometimes very valuable houses are demolished, and scandals on this topic are something rather usual.


Kris said...

I think that for some, size DOES matter.

Look at the Casa Poporului.

stranum53 said...

@Kris: thank you for your comment.

based on my experience, I would say size matters for dictators, because they want their names to be remembered and imposed by means of physical evidence.

the resources of my country could have been much better spent in other ways, than just throwing the second largest administrative building in the world.

a few years ago someone showed that the Parliament Palace consumed as much electricity as one entire mid-size Romanian city. is it worthy? I highly doubt it.

you're always welcome on this blog.

Alex Voinea said...

Dont know why my country is still beeing viewed as a comunist one after 25 years of capitalism ? -_-

stranum53 said...

perhaps because many of the Romanians still see it as such, Alex. this is my guess.