Bucharest in photos. The National Theatre

This picture was taken with my Sony Ericsson k800i phone (which explains its low quality), on the night when Romania became a member of the European Union. 31st December 2006 to January 1st, 2007, that is.

I somehow regret that night, for one reason: people had so much hope in the future back then. Two years of crisis, but also - I would say - the lack of project of the Romanian politicians killed this hope for good. Most of the people I talk to now tell me they want to emigrate as soon as possible and never come back. They just do not see their future here anymore.

That night, my hope was that the admission of my country in the EU club would help my country elites - political and not only - modernize themselves and transform the country into an equal member of the Union. Four years later, I can tell you for sure they missed that opportunity. And thus, modernization has to be done by each of us, inside ourselves - a much more painful and slower process.

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