3 years of blogging

My blog will celebrate 3 years of existence on October 13th. Happy anniversary, you blog!

As for me, I'm becoming more and more blase. I'm loosing, bit by bit, my faith in other people's capacity of making the right choices. Because I look around and almost everything seems to be gone wild. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess. Perhaps I'm just getting older and more inflexible.

With love,


Anonymous said...

La si mai multi ani!

(tehnic,este mai simplu sa 'semnez' ANONIM)

Cu consideratie,

stranum53 said...


mulţumesc frumos. îmi doresc să fie cum spuneţi.

Anonymous said...

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stranum53 said...


thank you for your nice comment.

you are always welcome here.

have a nice day.