Bucharest in photos. My favorite Bucharest place

For multiple reasons, this is the place that I consider to be my favorite in the city. It is a nice place, located in the center. It is the very place where Romania became a democracy, as the dictator ran away from this very square, in December 1989.

As for the personal history, it is the place where I asked my beloved, 4 years ago, to marry me. What happened after was very sad, but I cannot forget the happiness of the night when I made the proposal; and the place itself.


Randy said...

Beautiful lighting in this photo.

stranum53 said...

yes, I think the same.

Anonymous said...

Jag gillar verkligen din webbplats. Utmärkt innehåll. Fortsätt gärna lägger in en sådan djupgående innehåll.