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Packing for the short walk to Italy, I cannot resist to thinking about US. Us - not the United States (sorry guys, about you another time maybe), not about me and you, or me and somebody, but about us, guys, about us all.

Even if things are better - and I believe they are better than some years ago (hmm, let's say 1914 or 1939) - we are worse; we have the experience, but we don't learn from it. How to explain such a paradox?

I've been watching last night an excellent movie. City lights, 1931, with Charlie Chaplin. He plays the part of a tramp, and I wonder why he has chosen to play specifically this part, in most of his movies. I guess the answer comes from his acknowledgment of the fact that the human society (ANY human society) is not perfect, and that people situated on the border of this society are the people who can make it obvious. Perhaps, you have to be a little "insane" if you do not want to go crazy, crazy because of watching and taking an active part in the "show" of the alienating society around you. Because - newsflash! - society is all about a show, guys. Even if individuals are honest and sincere. Very sad.

In the end, a song. A (rather outdated) song of a band I never really liked, because it was (is) very commercial for my taste. The song is good, however. Give it a try.

PS. I'll have the mobile connection kit with me. But I doubt I'll have the time to write. In which case, I'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, all the best.

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