state: sleepless
soundtrack: tears for fears - the working hour

I met some friends tonight (I arrived home one hour ago) and I must say I felt a little bit sad, wistful. One of my former colleagues - and a good friend of mine - is in a period, and a situation, very similar to the one a very close person crossed three years ago.

You have the impression that some of your former colleagues were doing better than you, and then suddenly you realize it was not true. And you realize how lucky you are. But on the other hand I tend to believe everybody makes his own luck and holds responsibility for it.

I also noticed tonight that a lot of our actions are dictated by fear. We don't admit it to others, we don't admit it to ourselves, but fear is the reason for many of our actions. Because of fear, we do things we would've never thought of doing before. This prospect is frightening.

Changing the topic, on Monday I attended, accompanied by a few of my actual colleagues, the national musical comedy theater. Free entry, and I took the invitation because I've never been there before (whilst frequenting the opera with assiduity). It was unexpected and nice, the actors were young and enthusiastic (even if technically they have a lot of work to do), I liked the experience and I think I'll go there more often.

I expect summer, eagerly. Although May is my favorite month of the year. And I am happy because of it.

PS. The song below is for Alex.

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