So this is it.

We knew that something should be changed, but I see many Romanians somehow thought changes should not be of this level of magnitude. We expected taxes to grow, not pay checks going down. And still. Wages for the state employees will go down by 25%; pensions and benefits will go down by 15%. It is huge. With that, our hope that the economy will start going up before the end of this year (and that the crisis will become no more than unpleasant memory) turned to smoke. Even more than that, if these measures will not be applied, things will get even worse.

Speaking of which, I do not consider the Romanian administration capable to implement these measures. This, or any other administration. Because, if the administration would've been capable to do it, it would've done that already long ago. It did not happen. On the other hand, I highly doubt these measures are enough. The way I see it, the government reacts reluctantly (and very late) to a situation already existing, instead of acting in order to improve it. You cannot win anything with a defensive strategy. But, I forgot, we do not live in Poland or South Korea.

My regret is that the only potential winner from this situation is the socialist party. They don't deserve to win points for standing aside and crying out loud how good they are and how bad the democrat-liberals are. And they don't deserve any points for getting unsatisfied people on the streets - as they will sure do, or at least try to. Protesting will only make things worse. They should have protested months ago, or a year ago, when they saw the government was not adopting a plan to fight the crisis.

If there is a time to have stability and social peace in the country, then this is it. Each family of this country is directly affected by this measure. There are, as far as I know, at least 4 members of my family who will see their incomes decreasing. Three of them are teachers, and they do not deserve that. I also have many friends who will gain less.

All these sacrifices people will make would be spoiled if things don't change. Meaning, if the state will prove itself incapable of reform.

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