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There's been a while since I had the need to write about myself. You know, usually things don't happen fast. And this was the case so far for me, this year. I don't complain.

It is finally warm outside, so I began jogging again. That also means I left the gym. And speaking of gym, for me it payed taking the time to go there. In January I had reached a peak of my weight - almost 100 kgs - and after only two months I was like 10 kgs lighter. Now I am only 6 kgs away from my target, which is 79. So, the image of stranum53 you saw in Poland, last year, is not actual anymore. I rediscovered the neighboring park with non-dissimulated pleasure. And I was even more impressed when I saw more people jogging now than they did last year.

As a pleasant side-effect of my going to the gym (besides the loss of weight) running is much more easier. I doubled my ratio of last year. I hope to be consistent.

Another change for the good is that I started going to the concerts sustained by Quart'Elle. Meaning, they began to have their own concerts, in one of the clubs in central Bucharest. With tickets and all that. They sound better than before and at this point in time their future looks rather bright. After their grand breakthrough - in February, when they accompanied Holograf for the Dragobete shows at Sala Palatului (by the way, watch their YouTube page for the footage), their attitude and respect towards their work changed. For their latest concert, see a very nice post on Ruxus' blog. Andreea is making me feel proud. I guess, however, that the best part in it is when they rehearse in our place - which happens a few times a week. No music on the radio or on the computer matches the feel of music played live, in the next room :)

The prospects for this year are also rather good. I will have some busy months from now on. A short trip to Italy and Switzerland within a few weeks, a two-week congress in Dublin in June ( I am a little late with the paper, but nothing to worry about) and a week in Turkey, in late August, on the beach, with Andreea. Plus, I plan to attend the Haggard concert in August, in Bistriţa, and if possible to spend, in early September, some days in Chişinău. There is already a long time since I wanted to get there.

This is pretty much it. For now.

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