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And still.

There is actually a good amount of things that really work, around. So it is not that bad. Today, I watched Alexandra Dulgheru making her way to her second final (in a row) at the Polsat Tennis tournament. Last Saturday, after finishing the work program, I rushed - together with a colleague - to the Tineretului park, to watch the Champions League final (feminine handball) between Oltchim and Viborg. Oltchim lost, but I was/am proud of them. More than that, the girls of the team are "guilty" in a very positive way: I was in a mall when they were playing the quarterfinals. I could not leave the hi-fi store until the match was over. They were playing very nice and I enjoyed watching. By the way, handball is my sport, handball is what I practiced.

Even in politics. Could you imagine Romanian politicians doing something good? And yet. The taxes for the IT sector won't go up. So, many Romanian IT companies will keep their money and their job offers here. So perhaps there is hope, a little bit of hope at least, in the end.

I just met with a friend of mine. He celebrated last month the birth of his third son. He is aged just like me. I felt so old, compared to him. Or, compared to what he did so far.

I decided that, if there are posts I would want to publish specifically in Romanian, for a reason or another, I would use TheoDialogia for that. So check it out, once in a while.

Finally, I had the opportunity to read an interesting comment today. It was something about poorness. Some guy decided to give up his fortune and live in a van. The commenter said something like, in order to feel really poor, you should give up your education, culture, relations and experience as well. I disagree.

I do not think people living in poor neighborhoods, working as plumbers and spending their free time watching football and playing dices are necessarily poor. Even if they ignore the millions of ways their life could be lived, because most of them are actually happy living the life they live. In my view, poorness is not about that. Poorness is about choosing to live like that when you have the real opportunity to live otherwise. And I know a couple of very rich guys who are actually very poor.


St.Symeon said...

In your "state of description", you had miss the recent controversy event on the Bucharest's roads: the Normality march, and the opposite, the Diversity march. Do you think romanian society find interesing that streets manifestations? I watched tv and I see people did not concern this controversy.

stranum53 said...

thanks for the comment :)

I did not miss that event, of course, but I'm tempted to say and to think that it was not a very important one.

people had already enough about LGBT, and their logical answer to the march was apathy.

my guess is, people are concerned by survival, more than anything else.