It's past midnight, and - as it is often my case - I'm not in the mood for sleep, 'though I am tired. But, never mind.

There was a moment when I discovered I actually liked songs with a good deal of energy, even somewhat aggressive. It happened when I came across Manhattan skyline, one of the singles from the 1986 Scoundrel days album of the Norwegian band a-ha. Needless to say, I liked and still like these guys - I was very happy when they reunited, in 1999 (and analogue is perhaps one of the best pop albums released in 2005).

The video has something very newsprint-ish in it, I find. It also reminds me of the film noir genre, and I have the tendency to compare it to the video of take on me. But the music itself really takes my breath.

Final word: the band launched a few months ago foot of the mountain, its last studio album, since at the end of 2010 a-ha will split definitively.

Update. Since the video does not function anymore, I replace it with the first single from the last studio album of a-ha. Enjoy.

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