promo2. Cristi Gram - State of Mind

Small promo session. Thus, be aware this article is a form of publicity, although non-paid.

I just found out about a concert to be held at the Radio Hall (Sala Radio) in Bucharest, on the 21st of November, at 20.00 hrs. Cristi Gram (a well-known guitar player, member of the legendary Romanian band Phoenix) is launching his first solo effort> State of Mind.

I had the opportunity to listen to some of the songs on the album (courtesy of Andreea, who will also be - along with her viola - a member of the band), and I have to say that I was very impressed, so I shall definitely be there. I can say that the music on the album is well crafted, very energetic and powerful, yet blended with a great deal of melancholy and melodicity. Just perfect for a haunted soul like mine.

So, I guess, on the evening of November 21st I shall put on my black shirt and attend this event. I invite you to do the very same.

PS. Cristi Gram on MySpace - here.

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