melum50. energize me

This is due to Rareş, my good friend from Bistriţa, Transylvania.

He gave me the opportunity to listen to the music he listened. And that is a opportunity I try to never miss - listening to music other people listen to, because I feel this is a good way to better understand them, and interact to them.

Rareş and Andreea, his beloved wife, are addicted to rock. But let me give you a clue: they don't like Muse.  And I suppose they don't like Linkin Park (while I do). It is this passion which made me spend many nights, these past two months, listening to what they were listening to. I finished half an hour ago. It is this passion, their passion that convinced me to attend the Iron Maiden concert in Bucharest, exactly two years ago.

At the end of this two month listening experience, I can say I do not feel closer to rock than before. After all, I liked less than 5 % of what I've been listening to. But I must admit my understanding of the genre has changed. I am no rocker myself - considering the music I listen to - nor I ever was, but I appreciate in this kind of music its aspiration to freedom and escape from any kind of control.

I do not know very much about the band, I just like the song.

PS. Andreea and Rareş are the proud and loving parents of a new-born son, Robert. When I think of their family, I'm filled with joy and hope.


W. S. Stageclothes said...

Heh, if you like Linkin Park you should also try Three Days Grace, I crossed the bridge between them and it turned out to be the rush of energy I needed. And yeah, rock music (oh well, metal in my case) shows off not only aspiration to freedom, but also inspiration of freedom, and whether you believe it or not, it may sometimes help you find self-control instead of escaping restraints. Rock on!

str53 said...

@W. S. Stageclothes:

thank you for your comment!

I'll listen to the band you mentioned, and I thank you for the recommendation.

And yes, it is true, rock can show inspiration of freedom. As about when I said "control", I was thinking more about outside control (social control and pressure for standardization, for instance), and less about inner, self-control. My formulation was perhaps vague and I guess it comes from a lack of familiarization with the English language. So I thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain.

You are always welcome here.

Rock on.