Bucharest in photos

This is a image of the Parliament Palace that you just cannot see every day. It was taken on January 1st, 2009, one hour after the New Year.



Rob and Mandy said...

Very nice! I just posted very similar photos on my blog

Hilda said...

Absolutely fantastic!

stranum53 said...

@Rob and Mandy:

thank you for your nice comment. I gotta say this, I took a look at your Barcelona Daily Photo blog and it is absolutely fabulous.

Romanian readers need good sources of information and, at the same time, many of them love Spain and Barcelona (some of my relatives by alliance live in Spain) - that is the reason your blog is now on my blogroll.

stranum53 said...


thank you for your comment.

I like to make pictures at night. This one is made with my Sony Ericsson phone, so the quality is not quite the best. Full credit goes to the building itself.

I hope I'll give you many more fantastic reasons to comment here.

Falvo said...

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stranum53 said...


vă mulţumesc pentru propunere, dar blogul meu nu are caracter comercial.