Tuesday at noon I'll be leaving for Veliko Tarnovo.

I already entered a state of anxiety and I'm thinking of the last details, although objective reasons for this are sort of lacking - Veliko Tarnovo is only about 200 km from Bucharest (something like Brasov, to give an example) and actually I went abroad more than a dozen times - but still, it is only the second time that I go abroad alone, and I think anxiety, in this case, is good.

My presentation is almost completed, but there still is some amount of work to be done. And this is a reason for me being awake at this hour (2.19 am in Bucharest) - I could not sleep, so I said I could use this nightly hours for a bit of work.

You know, after a good deal of traveling abroad, I got to a point where I decided that, while abroad, I would only listen to Romanian music. I know that listening music from your own country while abroad is exactly the opposite to the idea of getting into the atmosphere of the place you are visiting. Still, I found it necessary. Part of my decision came from trying to assume and represent my cultural identity in front of strangers, but also for personal reasons and needs. Might be foolish. Just that I believe in cultural diplomacy, including on a personal level.

The video below might be a sample. Enjoy.

PS. Before leaving I shall write - I hope - the post I promised on the WBF (it is a work in progress...). I'll have my mobile connection with me, so I guess I'll try to update daily on the nice and interesting things happening there.

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