Bucharest in photos

Over the week-end I'll be off to Transylvania. I'll spend 2 days in Cluj.

I haven't decided yet which city - out of Cluj or Brasov - is the Romanian city with the highest life standings. I guess Cluj wins, but Brasov comes really close. And I love both of them, but, to be honest, none such as Bucharest.

If you'd ask me, the capital of Romania should be moved to either Brasov, Sibiu or Alba Iulia. I find it only natural to have the capital of one country located in its center, in its heart, while Bucharest is situated much in the south of the country.

It is unnatural that Timisoara - an important city located at the western border - is closer to Vienna, the capital of Austria, than Bucharest, the capital city of its own country. It is also unnatural that Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is closer to the Romanian capital than Cluj, a Romanian city.

The fact of being the capital of a country such as Romania is definitely a burden for Bucharest. Many Romanians live in this city, but do not consider it their home and do not respect it - with all the dramatic consequences following.

Kindle you mind.

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