Bucharest in photos. The city by night

The 90-meters-tall Intercontinental Hotel as seen from the Lipscani street.

It was one of the first skyscrapers in Bucharest, the building - with 26 floors - being inaugurated in 1971. Skyscrapers were not compatible with a communist society, such as the Romanian society of the time, and so this was the tallest building in Romania until 2004.

Although a 5* hotel, there is only one reason good enough to convince me to visit this building: the extraordinary views of the central Bucharest it should offer.

I presume, this was the reason behind the location in the first place.

PS. I watch a lot of science-fiction movies lately. It is not that I like the genre particularly (although  my favorite movie ever, Solyaris, is a SF movie, I do not like it because of its genre, but because of its message), it is rather the fact that, lately, I feel more the need to think outside the box, than before. This is not about things around me, this is about myself.

Kindle your mind.

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