week'toriAl47. Citizenship

One of the few Romanian journalists that I actually admire (check out my blogroll) recently wrote an article on her blog, wondering why the Romanian intelligentsia did not have any reaction to the recent articles of some of the Western press concerning the issue of the Romanian citizenship and its granting to Moldavian citizens. The article is in Romanian and you can find it here.

Then, I wrote a comment to her article wondering about the whereabouts of the Romanian mass-media in this case. Wondering about the weak reaction of our media.

And then the idea came to me. According to ZeList, there are almost 60,000 bloggers in this country. How difficult it would be, for a part of these bloggers (those capable of getting over their haughtiness, for instance), to assembly and sign an open letter addressed to the media institutions in question? It would have, at least, visibility in the virtual world. I would sign such a letter. I would even write it, if necessary.

The question to myself: how come I - considering myself a blogger and a person with an attempt of an open mind - did not think of this before? Why did I need an article written by someone else in order to think of this? Turns out I am not that mentally unaccustomed with the proverbial Romanian lack of reaction as I thought I was. Silly and lazy me.

In the end, shortly: granting of citizenship is a sovereign right of a state, even of a EU-member state like Romania. Romania did not abuse of its right of citizenship granting, while others did - if we can speak of abuse in exercising a national prerogative. Some western journalists have missed this class, it seems. Period.

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