melum48. Sarmalele Reci

I spent my last Saturday night (a part of it) attending a rock concert. I went alone, as the people I invited during the week to join me could not come. It did not matter much in the end.

It was a concert of the band Sarmalele Reci. Trying - for my English speakers - to explain the name of the band, I'll say that sarmale are a Romanian dish made out of pork meat and rice folded in cabbage leaf. If eaten cold (sarmale reci), they are not very good for the stomach, they are heavy. The name of the band thus suggests a social message: hard and uncomfortable truths (about the Romanian post-communist reality, in general) that must be told, just like you must sometimes eat cold sarmale.

I listened to the band mostly as a teenager, from 1998 to 2002. I consider it to be the best period of the band, by the way. As for the musical style of the band, I would say it is: mostly rock, than pop and than a touch of jazz. Sometimes, oriental themes can be distinguished within some of the songs (Răpirea din serai), and occasionally even medieval influences (Omul cu mii de nume). It is one of the best Romanian rock bands, but unfortunately it is not as visible as it rightly could be.

For some reason, after 2003 the activity of the band lost intensity, but the band never ceased to exist. So I considered their concert last Saturday an opportunity to do something I wanted to do a long time ago: attending one of their live concerts.

I must say I was not disappointed.

A short - and rather technical - explanation about the photos (they are not very clear): I did not have the inspiration of bringing the tripod with me and it was really difficult to take proper photographs while literally dancing in my chair.

In the end, I post here what I consider to be their best song so far.


strongvaleriana said...

Asta-i singurul loc unde ma chinui sa deslusesc textele, dupa care compar ce-am inteles cu translatorul google..
Hm, in felul asta poate ca-ntr-un viitor apropiat n-o sa mai am nevoie de translator..

stranum53 said...

îmi cer scuze pentru disconfort.

în mod normal, dacă engleza mea ar fi ceva mai bună, nu ar trebui să te chinuieşti atât :)

mulţam de vizită şi de comentariu :)

strongvaleriana said...

problema (inca) e doar la mine.. :)