I believe I got to the conclusion I do not like people who show their age. And above all, people who like to show their age.

But then, it is more understandable for a young man to show his little years, I guess, than for an old man to show he spent his life in vain, like most of us do, and to show it. I think that is why I like old men who choose not to show their age.

Although I'm only 30, I feel old sometimes - and please do not judge me, that is just how I feel - and I repeat - sometimes. I make - involuntarily - the comparison with the person I was some years ago, and I feel old. Forgive me for that; our society says that old age comes after 60, but I think there are many of us who get to be old before that age mark. And sometimes I am one of them, because I fell powerless, helpless, and tired. Very tired.

I am happy when someone tells me he/she would've never thought I'm 30, and not even 25, because I am a person who does not show its age. Like it happened yesterday.

Even if that person used to think of me as of a child.

With love,

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