I'm in Bucharest for 2,5 days. What can I do and visit?

Now that is a good question.

It is a question somebody put and searched the answer for on the internet, and thus found my blog. I hope the person found at least some answers to it.

Two and a half days to visit Bucharest is a very short term. You can definitely not see everything, you cannot see much of the city actually. But you can see enough to get an opinion made, if you stay close to the city's heart. My answer would be, then:

- one day should be used to visit museums (such as: The History Museum, The Art Museum, Romanian Peasant's Museum or Village Museum - my favorite) and some of the parks (Herăstrău, Cişmigiu Gardens, Carol). All these objectives are situated on a north/south axe, and the underground is a good transportation means from one to the others;
- the night, especially during spring and summertime, is the best time to wander through the center of the city - let's say from Piaţa Unirii to Piaţa Romană, but including also Calea Victoriei - and to get a glimpse of the city's diverse nightlife. Not to be missed is the Lipscani/Smârdan/Manuc area;

- the second day should be used to see old buildings. A hint: the center of the city is full of very nice small churches (often hidden by blocks, in communist fashion), and these churches are the best ambassadors I know of the old Bucharest, the bearers of the old city identity. Many of them date from the XVIII century, some are older, going back as far as the XVth century (the Bucur church, not far from Piaţa Unirii); some also have a significance related to recent events - such as the Revolution in 1989 - like Kretzulescu or Colţea churches. And speaking of these events, not to be missed are the Revolution Square, Universitate and the Parliament's Palace - they provide a good overview of the last three decades of Bucharest's complex history;

- last day should be used for some shopping. There are plenty of shopping malls in Bucharest, but I'd say the best situated, by any means, is Unirea Shopping Mall. Still, if I had the choice, I'd rather buy something representative for the Romanian culture - and these things are to be found less in shopping malls and more in places such as the Village Museum or the Peasant's Museum's shops.

This answer is by all means incomplete. It is like this, however, how I think you should organize a three days time here.

Good luck.

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