R. C., rest in peace - week'toriAl44

So, it is sadly true. We have a new Raluca Stroescu. Last time, it was April 2007. Now, it is March 2010. Almost three years later.

Ramona Cîciu, 34 years old and mother of two twins, died 4 hours ago because of health problems associated with exhaustion. She was working in a private company dealing with data collecting. I do not imply she died expressly because she worked and I am not eager to accuse her company. As I suppose, she was just working hardly, in order to ensure her family a better future. I hope her soul will rest in peace.

There are hundreds of thousands of people working in the private sector, and they keep the Romanian economy going. I think we should be grateful to them - by them I mean the people who generally work 10 hours a day, spend more than 11 hours away from home almost every day - and in some cases every day - and who fall down broken when arriving late at home after a day of crazy work.

By the way, if in this country there would have existed a real socialist party, this party would have had a platform specifically for middle-class people working in the private sector, like for instance pressing the employers to take care of their employees, instead of using them until they make burn out. These are real, actual problems - and I am not surprised to see the so-called social-democrat party walking the easy way and speaking instead a lot more about pensions and retirement funds that will eventually make life of those working in the private sector even harder than it is now. It is the best proof of the incompetence and incapability of this party.

I am working in the private sector myself, as most of my friends do. I try to do my job the best I can, and so do they. I know for myself what being tired and burning out means. I am sure every single one of us cannot but feel solidarity with Ramona's family. I feel I didn't find proper words for this post, but I can't stay silent.

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