About driving in Romania - a pedestrian view

If you ever come to Romania, take good care about the drivers. They are almost as bad as the Italian drivers, one Italian friend told me a while ago. I honestly thought they are the worst in the world - or in Europe, at least.

I have my driving license since 1998. But I must admit I don't like driving and I believe driving in the crazy traffic of Bucharest is a daily adventure that I am not willing to live. I like walking, I do it intensively, and walking plus the underground transport system usually gets me where I want to. But, indeed, filtering through the cars parked on the usually narrow sidewalks - or having to walk on the street because of that - is most unpleasant.

Still, it so seems that the worst Romanian drivers are not those in Bucharest. Watch below one of my compatriots. On the highway. In Belgium. Judging by the views of the video, he must be a celebrity in my country.

The good news is that this guy just lost his license. The bad news is that he didn't lose his license because of the short movie above, but because of alcohol consumption.

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