Flirt - descriptum45

I had to take the cab today, in order not to be late at work. I was lucky, as the roads were clear and the traffic lights green, so I arrived on time.

The funny thing was that, at the Piata Romana star junction, the cab driver started to flirt with the blond female driver who had almost crossed our way, on my side (I was sitting in the front-right seat), but had to stop because of the congestion. I thought originally he was going to swear - but no; it was worse.

She was a early 20-something, she had blond hair (that is a VERY important aspect), she drove an silvery SUV vehicle; ... she was - a few years ago - a sort of iconic pop star in the Romanian star system (although calling "music" that noises would be an insult to the idea of music in a normal country). In my view, she wears an important part of the guilt for the development of the pitzy movement. And yes, she responded to the flirt of the cab driver (a pretty good exponent of the cocalar movement himself) by flirting back.

A very nice conversation started to develop between the two, with lines flying in front of my face, the windows down, of course, and me laughing out of embarrassment (I tried to control myself, but it was absolutely impossible). I spare you the details. Enough for you to know that when the traffic lights turned green, 60 seconds later, the two of them were already discussing rendez-vous options.

Charming, wouldn't you say?

I do not consider myself as an impressionable person and strong emotions are not one of my characteristics. But today, I was - to put it short - amazed by this episode. As we were getting out of the intersection, I whispered to myself: Lord, give me strength.


Anonymous said...

Merita, cred eu, sa te uiti la filmul acesta. Intr-un fel, are legatura cu postarea ta. In special cu ultima propozitie.


stranum53 said...

oki, am privit în sfârşit video-ul, că am ajuns acasă :)

interesant, în bună parte adevărat, puţin prea negru. foarte faină partea de pian. mulţumesc pentru link.

sunt poate irealist de optimist, deoarece cred că o altă Românie e pe drum, chiar dacă nu reuşesc să spun asta explicit de fiecare dată. non-valoarea nu rezistă timp îndelungat.

piticalb said...

Frumoasa relatare! Frumos stil, vreau sa spun. Cineva cu chef de gluma ti-ar raspunde ca esti insensibil si ca n-ai pic de inima si de intelegere pentru floarea dragostei care, iata, rasare de unde nici cu gandul nu gandesti,si ca nu ai ochi sa vezi minunatia iubirii implinite si impartasite. Neavand chef de gluma, ma multumesc sa oftez ca, fata fiind, nu am voie sa injur.