Romania in photos

I am back, for the moment. I do not know how long this moment will be, as my schedule is still very rough. So I'll try to enjoy it as much as possible. I hope you will, too, my friends - and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the messages received during this break.

During these 40 blogless days I spent a lot of time in Bucharest and some days in the mountains. Plus, my last week was spent in Transylvania. The happy part is that I will go again in Transylvania three weeks from now. The less happy and worrying part is that I am still tired and this is definitely not gonna change in the predictable future.

As I came back to the city I found out about the earthquake in Japan. And I want to express my admiration for how, generally, the people of this country overcame this unthinkable situation. I hope my good friend Tomi, in Tokyo, is fine. Even if the death toll will probably overcome 10,000 human casualties (by far, much less than in any other country I can think of), the way the Japanese handled this natural tragedy is nothing short than impressive.

A few words about the photo below: it was taken last month some 80 miles north from Bucharest, in a lovely place called Cornu, in the Prahova county.

And I must confess the beauty of Romania is absolutely amazing. In order to make it accessible, you must get over the very visible civilization defects, though.

My latest motto:

Kindle your mind. 

And reading became, lately and again, my second nature.

With love,

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