Bucharest in photos

If the Romanian Athenee brings the best acoustics in Bucharest, the Radio Hall provides perhaps the best act. Because the best orchestra in Bucharest and the best choir reside here. And the concert hall, just refurbished last year, is not that bad, as you can see for yourself in the picture above.

Last time I've been there was December 2010, just before Christmas, and I remember it was very cold outside. It was a celebration of the Radio Choir, so there was no orchestra, just the choir and a few soloists, and the concert - which was superb - consisted of Christmas music from Latin America. Totally unexpected - as I've been warned about the concert a few hours before - I assisted to the best concert of 2010 of my personal list.

If you ever come to Bucharest - or if you already live here - and provided you like high quality music, this is definitely a place to visit. Not to the joy of your eyes, but to the pleasure of your ears and your heart. A visit is cheap, btw: the most expensive ticket is 26 RON, which makes about 8 $, or approximately 6 euros. Definitely worthy, if you choose the right repertoire.

My next visit will take place this week-end. I asked some colleagues from work if they were interested, and I must say the result was above all expectations I might have had, as Friday we'll be 14 persons listening to Dan Grigore's rendering of Paul Constantinescu's Piano Concerto. And the hall will be packed - I grabbed the last tickets almost, a few days ago.

Kindle your mind.


Leif Hagen said...

It must be magnificent to hear a concert in that grand hall! I play violin so your posting caught my attention!

str53 said...

@Leif Hagen:

thank you.

Yes, it is indeed magnificent to listen to a concert in that hall. It is not that grand still, there are only ~ 400 up to 500 seats.

It is very nice to play to an instrument. I mean, as a way of living. My sister also plays the violin and I play the piano when I get the opportunity.

If I recall correctly, the concerts in the hall are transmitted live on the national musical radio, and I guess you can listen to the online stream if you want to.

The site is: http://www.romania-muzical.ro/

mariuca said...

I had no idea you play the piano! That's so beautiful.
I'm so happy to hear that there were almost no more tickets for the concert on Friday!
Indeed, Romania Muzical broadcasts live the concerts of the Radio orchestras on Wednesdays and Fridays. And thanks for posting the link to its site.