Bucharest in photos

The Romanian folk band Poesis, in concert, two weeks ago, at cinema Scala in Bucharest.

It was one of my favorite Romanian bands as a teenager, because of songs like the one below - please listen to it, it is very beautiful. In fact, their entire 1996 album was awesome. I had it on tape, you know. And my surprise during the concert was to see that I remembered almost all the lyrics. I was also very proud to see Andreea and her quartet accompanying them for a part of the concert.


talex said...

incantator, merci :)

stranum53 said...


cu plăcere. Poesis e o trupă foarte faină, şi faptul că am ajuns la concertul lor de anul ăsta a reprezentat pentru mine împlinirea unei dorinţe nesperate măcar...