As you can see, the face of my blog changed, as I was not very satisfied with the way the page looked like, lately - it had become a little too impersonal for my taste, looking more like a site and less like a blog.

I hope you will find the new page more personal and reader friendly; I tried to make the text and the images easier to perceive.

I also introduced a voting system for the posts - a thing I wanted to do for a long time now - and I invite you to vote whenever you feel a post is good or, on the contrary, irrelevant.

Do not hesitate to leave comments if you think further changes should be made. I want my readers to feel comfortable on this page.

In the end, the photo of the day: a concert in the Constitution Square, with the Parliament's Palace in the background. The picture was taken with my telephone, back in April 2009. And the one singing was Al Bano.

With love,


EO said...

a lil bit of dark red won't do any harm :)
is there any love in bucharest anymore? i didn't see it...

stranum53 said...


thank you for your comment and for your suggestion.

yep, I suppose dark red might be an idea, and I'll think about it.

if dark red might be the sign for love, than blue is, perhaps, a sign of melancholy.

I have to say that I discovered your blog and it is a very, very nice one. you will find it in the blogroll from now on.