As much as I love Bucharest, there are times when I need to take distance and to do something that has nothing to do with the city.

Within a couple of hours I'll be out of town and hopefully out of the country. That is yet to decide. I'll be back at the end of the week, and I hope my (physical) state will be better then. My hope is that I'll find an internet connection over there, because I'd like to keep blogging during my free time.

The week I had was rather good, though. But the state of tiredness I have is not treatable anymore in the city, with some rest only. You noticed perhaps there were no posts here on Thursday and on Friday - a rough schedule is the reason. I need to figure some things on my own, as well.

I'll be either somewhere in Hungary, either in north-western Romania. Exactly one year ago, I spent some wonderful days in Veliko Tarnovo. I decided not to repeat the experience, as Bucharest is too close. Initially, I wanted to go to Chisinau, but it turned out in the end there's no one there to show me the city, so that plan is also postponed.

Even if I do it by need and less by choice, I must confess I like to travel alone.

In the end, the photo of the day.

With love,

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