When you love someone, you don't leave your loved one for nothing in the world. That is a comment I came upon yesterday on the internet. It made me think.

My experience says otherwise, unfortunately... My experience says that, even if you love someone, even if you truly and painfully love someone, you have to let him/her go if your life plans are different. Simple (and painful) as that. You do not leave your loved one, you just let your loved one go and fulfill his/her life with his/her own dreams.

We may all wonder in the end, I guess, if love should prevail to a life plan. My answer is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. Not always - it depends from case to case. But to inflexibly ask someone you love to change what he/she wants from life because you cannot accept him/her otherwise constitutes, in my view, an offense. And it constitutes, also, a sign of senseless vanity - as well as a proof of the lesser quality of your love.

This is not about my present. This is about my past. Not a very antique past, but a past already there when I was writing, for instance, the very first post for this blog.

In the end, the song.

You know, there are (only) a few songs that I love since being a child. One of the very first albums that was actually mine, back in the '80s, because I got the original recording as a gift, was Ilie Micolov's "Dragoste la prima vedere" (Love at first sight). I still own the record, I still love listening to it when I have the time (last time I did it, it was Sunday).

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