My week of work is done. So I rightfully earned my right to two days off-work. Actually, one and a half. I forgot I have a program tomorrow - and what a program it is.

I guess you noticed as well as I did, my friends, the fact that there is not much substance in blogging nowadays. To be honest, the last two weeks I was pretty much outside the phenomenon, so here is my outside observation: I get home after work, tired or very tired, I open the list of the blogs I follow and I see the number of readable posts going down. It is, by the way, the reason that kept me from inviting you to read posts from other blogs - there are moments when I'm tempted to tell you about good posts on other blogs. But that is pseudo-blogging, not blogging. And you have bloglandia for that, here - just check out the left column.

I refuse to believe there are no subjects to debate. I think many of us bloggers became lazy, lately. We take our subjects from the central press and we comment politics or small and insignificant personal events and that is it. I'm not sure this is a good trend. I'm not even sure autumn will make these things change. Blogging - and even "mainstream" blogging - is not and cannot be reduced to a highlight of the current national/international events. By its own nature, blogging is indie. Not a simple auxiliary to the media.

As soundtrack to the post, my latest discovery in the world of music. A unknown band from the States. Courtesy of Andreea - by the way, it is her birthday today (or, better said, was, before midnight. Happy birthday, sis'). With a small explanation.

I do not keep or collect full discographies, nor full albums. There was a time when I did it. Not anymore. If there is a song I dislike, I forget it - and I erase it, of course. And so it comes to the fact that, after 20 years of listening to music, I developed my own rules of music listening. If I like 4 songs of the same band, it means I like the band. Not 3, nor 5. 4. And I am conscious that I still have lots of things to learn from now on.

There are exactly 4 songs I like from this band - called DREDG. And I recommend you listen to them.

PS. I love you, Alex.

With love,

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