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I found out last night, as I arrived home from work, that two very visible Romanian bloggers (I shan't name them) had a fight, a virtual conflict that is. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that one of them had just re-arranged his blogroll and the other one was not anymore a part of it. Perhaps not.

I don't know what is the situation regarding this in America. In Romania, virtual - blogging - relations are pretty unstable, much like in real life. My guess is part of it comes as a consequence to the fact that many Romanian bloggers like practicing link-exchange. It goes like this: you promote the blog of the other guy on your blog even if you don't consider his blog relevant, as long as he does the same with your blog and thus guarantees your blog a upper place in the blogging charts. Many Romanian bloggers exist only/mainly because of/for these blogging rankings and for the visibility presumably provided by these tools. If your blog is not located in the top 100, top 50, top 10, or - say, as a minimum - top 500, then - in their view - you don't exist as a blogger.

Is that really the case? In short, no. In a couple of phrases: in my beginning days as a blogger, visibility was not an issue in itself. I wrote - as I do now, actually - for myself, for personal reasons, and for this handful of people who visit this place once in a while. Later, I wanted to become more visible and I started placing my blog on what I like to call the blogging charts. There are a few of these in Romania: in the beginning it was Trafic, then WTA, but the most important was and is ZeList. And, while running for visibility, I began feeling that all my blogging had been reduced to nothing more than statistics, and was beginning to lose its soul. You get to the point where you have a lot of visitors, but you are not a real blogger anymore. The only statistics that I care about now, sort of, is the Google rank of my page, because it is all about relevance. And I repeat, sort of. By the way, speaking of visibility, very good tools are Twitter and Facebook. Why? See here.

So, let's go back and consider this again. Two visible Romanian bloggers had a virtual conflict. It happened a few days before the Easter, at a time when people should try to enter the spirit of this holiday. But let's put that aside. It is a proof of sheer immaturity to start swearing and cursing another blogger, on your very visible blog, even if he did something very bad.

In the end: life is much more important than minor blogging (like the one generally existing at this point in Romania and the western world, and meaning: blogging about every day details rather than about important questions). My sister spent the last three months in bed, as she is incapacitated. She will spend in that bed another month and a half. That is so much more important than the fact that another blogger erased the address of my blog from his blogroll.

So, guess what, guys. I am an insignificant blogger, I am low on the charts, the eyes of other fellow bloggers are not set daily on my posts here, I write only when I have my point and I write primarily for myself. If I link to other blogs and sites, it is because they are good and relevant, not because they are copies of myself and share the same ideas and opinions (and I hope that's not the case, btw). I think it is better like this. And episodes like the one I used as pretext for this post are part of the reasons which made me switch this place to English.


Anonymous said...

Si eu am o sora si un frate. Temerile mele cele mai profunde sunt legate de siguranta si sanatatea lor si a celorlalte putine persoane care imi sunt foarte dragi. Sper ca sora ta sa se faca bine si sa va bucurati unul de celalalt mult timp de acum inainte.

stranum53 said...

mulţumesc din suflet.