How to use fire extinguishers - the Romanian way

I want you to take a short look at the photo below. A week ago, Saturday, 8pm, Calea Victoriei.

If you do not get what I want to say by the photo, let me explain: somebody decided to protect "his turf" - the sidewalk in front of a certain building - from unwanted intruders: from cars, that is.

Well, that would not be so bad, although, as far as I know, the sidewalk is a part of the public domain. But consider this: the guy used fire extinguishers. Five fire extinguishers, to be more precise. On Calea Victoriei, in a portion where the normal speed of a car is about 50 miles per hour. And now, my question: let's suppose that a driver loses control of his car, or simply turns a little to the left, and touches only one of the extinguishers in the photo. Is that going to make for a primo kaboom or what?

And a final question: is there an institution, in Romania, dealing with how the fire extinguishers are used by other institutions? Fire department or anything? Cause if so, I'd like to tell the guys over there that somewhere on Calea Victoriei fire extinguishers are used not in order of preventing fire from a building, but of preventing cars from the sidewalk.

Mature, right?


Manish said...

CO2 Fire Extinguishers is really helpful to prevent and be safe from fire. As this produce gas which is not harmful and safe for fireman.

stranum53 said...

I'm OK with that, I know what fire extinguishers are supposed to be used for.

I'm not OK seeing them on the street and I don't feel safe walking by, knowing that a car could accidentally hit one of these extinguishers. Hence my post.