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Caroling season began in Romania on December 6th. It will end before St. John's day, on January 6th. I was only a kid when the public profile of this old habit changed, and the change was tremendous. Immediately after the fall of the dictatorship (and the collapse of the communist media) carols - as well as all the religious marks - came back on TV. Actually, many of the first ever recorded carols I saw were carols recorded during the former regime, for good image in the foreign (capitalist) countries. And when saying this, I imply that the recordings were Madrigal recordings.

In Romania Madrigal is not only a (very good) choir. It is an institution, as it was, for a long time, the best cultural act you could find in the country, and one of the few Romanian choirs you could listen to abroad. Details here.

A week ago (yes, a long time, I know) I had the joy to see and to listen to Madrigal in concert, for the very first time. My joy was greater, for 2 reasons: 1. there were only carols in the concert; 2. many close and good friends were on the stage, as part of the team of the new Madrigal choir (which is still one of the best choirs in Romania), beginning with the conductor - btw, Bogdan, thank you for the invitation! The concert was very nice. I was also lucky enough to get the best seat in the house :)

Unfortunately, I don't have yet a video camera, so I couldn't record anything. But to get an image on Madrigal singing carols, I invite you to go ... back to 1972. And if you are located in Bucharest, Bogdan told me another concert is programmed on Tuesday.


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