Our journey through the Bucharest of the 80s' begins with the presentation of the guide.

Our guide is a young, small - and a little scared - fellow, discovering (certain parts of) the big city while visiting his grandma and intimidated by the air of a metropolis - a city of more than 2,000,000 inhabitants even back then, during the 80's.

I chose to show this picture first because this little guy will show up in the vintage part of the voyage. The picture was taken back in 1984. I was four years old.

I loved that suite, by the way. It was mostly black and white, and combined with my blond hair, it worked wonders on women. Just kidding :)

Kindle you mind,


Charlie said...

Lovely photo of a little heartbreaker.

Thank you for providing me and others with a very useful site.

I've added a link back to your site from my blogroll/linkroll at my little budget blog at http://www.dirtcheapbucharest.com

I've also written a short bit about the site at my link guide:

From Bucharest, with Love – a mainly photographic blog on Bucharest with
wonderful shots of the night life, people and places that make up the modern


If it's possible, I would be honoured if you could link back to my blog.

stranum53 said...


thank you. lovely presentation, btw :)

backlink added.

and lots of good luck.