On the Oslo events

You know, this summer I intended to visit Norway. I still do, and even more now. It's not going to realize this year, but it is a personal project I cherish. I deeply admire that country and I wish Romania was more like it. On a really personal note, I like it when Romanian and Norwegian handball teams meet.

What happened there on Friday punched me just like a fist thrown straight up to my face. Some lonely right extremist killed about one hundred people. I sort of feel embarrassed for that, I am a rightist myself, but not an extremist and I am not gonna kill anybody because of my political views. You cannot create life, than why take it from others? This, I cannot understand and accept. This is illogical, and bad. As far as I can explain, and as far as I understand, the inspiration for these acts came from the Unabomber.

My deepest condolences to Norway and its people. It is a shame that things like this may occur.

For more info in English about current events in Norway, you can go to www.newsinenglish.no


Wiola said...

"If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we all can show together."

Anonymous said...

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