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Everybody went to see Avatar in Bucharest.

I'm exaggerating, of course, but the truth is many people went to see it, and so did I. And many speak and debate about it - Romanian blogs are full of it.

It so happened that last week I received an invitation to see the movie, from some very good friends, and I said to myself I should do it. So we went, on Wednesday evening, to one of the many multiplexes in town. I was actually stunned to see how many people actually DO go to cinema in Bucharest (statistics say the opposite) - truth be told, the last time I went to cinema was in 2008. And by the way - it is for the very first time yours truly ever saw a movie on 3D.

About the movie itself, I can say just this: do not see it unless if in 3D. In my view, the cinematic experience is incomparably better. If you see it in 2D, you miss the best of this movie. And in 3D, the cinematic experience I am speaking about is absolutely overwhelming.

As for the story, half through the movie I realized it reminded me of Atlantis - the lost empire. With the difference that I actually like Michael J. Fox more than Sam Worthington, as far as acting skills are concerned. But still, go see it - Avatar might be the best movie made in 2009.

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eu tot incerc sa ajung sa-l vad la imax, dar e nebunie si acolo cu locurile, pana in februarie e rezervat